We love our work

All the members of the Euro-Kuvert team have spent their entire professional careers in the postal packaging industry and they are set apart by their decades of experience. Customer enquiries are always answered promptly and exceptionally competently. In this respect, Euro-Kuvert differs from many other competitors. We love our work and people notice it. One of the reasons why our customers trust our consultants and respect their advice is that they have been working with us for many years.

Apart from German the Euro-Kuvert employees speak fluent English, French and Polish.

<b>ULRICH VAHLENSIECK</b><br />Geschäftsführer<br />Tel. 0202 / 69 835-11<br />u.vahlensieck@eurokuvert.de
<b>CARSTEN MARCKMANN</b><br />Geschäftsführer<br />Tel. 0202 / 69 835-20<br />c.marckmann@eurokuvert.de
<b>ANDREA BÜRGER</b><br />Tel. 0202 / 69 835-15<br />a.buerger@eurokuvert.de
<b>HEIKE DIEDENHOVEN</b><br />Tel. 0202 / 69 835-13<br />h.diedenhoven@eurokuvert.de
<b>MONIKA MEYER</b><br />Tel. 0202 / 69 835-14<br />m.meyer@eurokuvert.de
<b>DOROTHE REGETZKI</b><br />Tel. 0202 / 69 835-12<br />d.regetzki@eurokuvert.de
<b>TINA WUNDES</b><br />Tel. 0202 / 69 835-16<br />t.wundes@eurokuvert.de