We make the market transparent

Euro-Kuvert GmbH in Wuppertal is a service provider for envelopes, mailers and packaging solutions.

The Euro-Kuvert team's extensive experience makes the market just as transparent as the window of an envelope. We know precisely which supplier in Europe can meet your requirements to your delivery deadline and at a fair price. Euro-Kuvert’s high sales volume is one of the reasons why it is in an excellent position to negotiate the best prices for you.

The Euro-Kuvert team believes that reliability, deadline adherence, speed and flexibility are the fundamental basis for doing a great job.

Our customers in Germany and abroad include wholesale and specialist paper retailers and envelope manufacturers. We also work with public authorities, mail order specialists, a small number of commercial customers and global enterprises.

Proven success

In 2001 Ulrich Vahlensieck decided to take the plunge and start up his own business after several decades of working in sales management positions with renowned envelope manufacturers such as Reinhart Schmidt and Wolf Bauwens. This marked the birth of Euro-Kuvert and the beginning of a success story.

Ulrich Vahlensieck started out with only two employees, Dorothe Regetzki and Heike Diedenhoven, even though Euro-Kuvert’s business potential was huge. After only a few months the young business was able to build a sound commercial basis because the entire European market reacted extraordinarily well to the new service provider with its excellent customer service concept, experienced and competent employees and perfect service portfolio. During the following years the business continued to grow healthily. It was joined by three more professionals, Monika Meyer, Andrea Bürger and Tina Wundes, who helped to create a dynamic team.

At first, Euro-Kuvert was located in the renovated former premises of Elberfelder Briefumschlagfabrik. It’s a location that provides a perfect mix of tradition and future because envelopes have been manufactured and sold here for decades.

Future security is another key strategic consideration at Euro-Kuvert. That’s why the service provider has a far more comprehensive range of products and a broader customer base today. The succession plan is not left to chance at Euro-Kuvert either. In September 2010, Carsten Marckmann, another industry expert, joined the business as the second managing director.
As had been planned, Carsten Marckmann became fellow shareholder of Euro-Kuvert GmbH in January 2012.

In August 2015 the company relocated to new premises. Due to technical and spatial reasons the change had become necessary.
On Hofaue in Wuppertal the team of Euro-Kuvert GmbH has all means at its disposal to be optimally prepared for future business ventures.